'A single bracelet does not jingle.'
Congolese proverb
Our Community Development program is based on engaging the local residents to identify their most pressing communal challenges and to find solutions that we could help them implement. 
This was the vision of our founder, Christine Nyanda Chacha, when she encouraged local residents to form a Women's Group in 2003. After several meetings, they asked for our assistance in strengthening the community's infrastructure and to provide more economic opportunities.  They continue to meet and propose new projects.
The people in Nyamagongo offer ample ideas, sweat equity and a willingness to work hard, yet specialized skills and expertise are scarce. Thus we support projects with an educational aspect to bring these skills to local residents, as they work with our volunteers in implementing these projects. 
One of our objectives is to create an adult education program in specialized trades to bring more income-generating opportunities and thus, financial security to local families. Our community development projects have included: