'Disease comes and goes like rain but health is like the sun that illuminates the entire Village'  
African proverb
We focus on early childhood health, HIV/AIDS education, and supporting our health care partner, the Shirati Hospital.
To address childhood health and nutrition, our school provides all students a daily meal and our Scholarship Program offers the most needy students free health care. We also created a Hospital Food Project to deliver meals to the maternity and pediatrics wards.
We developed an HIV/AIDS education, testing and treatment program in 2012, and soon after created an HIV/AIDS support program, ‘Positive Living’. The 180-bed Shirati Hospital, serving 25,000 regional residents, is located a mile from the Nyamagongo village and forms the core of our HIV testing and treatment program.
To improve medical care, we partnered with MedShare to facilitate the shipment of two medical supply containers to Shirati. They provided the hospital with an anesthesia machine, surgical supplies and much more. We also host visiting doctors and healthcare volunteers working at the Hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Chirangi, Medical Director.
Many of our Community Development projects such as the rainwater tank and Women's Group's community garden also support health and nutrition. Learn more: