'No matter how long the night is, the morning is sure to come.'  African Proverb

Medical Supply Shipment Project

We at REACH Shirati, are proud to partner with MedShare, a non-profit organization focused on redirecting surplus medical supplies and equipment from the US to under-served populations around the world. 

Dr. Chirangi, the Medical Director of Shirati Hospital, first visited MedShare in May of 2009 while he was in the U.S. working with our Board. That day he left MedShare with two suitcases full of medical supplies and over the next six years, he returned to MedShare many times, bringing with him stories of how the medical supplies had made an impact in the lives of his patients. 

In 2011, Conor Flannery, a MedShare volunteer and avid kayaker raised $20,000 by kayaking 2,500 miles from Washington to Alaska, in order to fund the shipment of a 40-ft. medical supply container. He chose Shirati Hospital as the recipient, to the delight of Dr. Chirangi and REACH Shirati.

In 2013, MedShare volunteers raised $25,000 to sponsor the shipment of a second container to Shirati Hospital. This was another great opportunity to bring life-saving medical supplies and equipment to our hospital; from hospital beds, to syringes and surgical instruments. We quickly raised the additional overland costs to transport the container from Dar Es Salam to Shirati, 800 miles away.

Since the containers' arrival, the impact has been felt by every patient needing anesthesia for surgery, an orthopedic sling for a broken arm, or sutures for stitches.