• REACH Shirati

Camille brought her passion for service and for computers together at Tina's school!

February 2016, Nyamagongo, Shirati Tanzania
Camille Harris, Hayward, California

"My My name is Camille Harris. I have worked and have lived in California all of my life. In the 1960’s after graduating from high school, I attempted to join Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). This was a peace corps that served in the United States. I was convinced at that time by my concerned parents to wait a few years. I never joined.

"Through my working life, I never gave up the dream of serving. I achieved a successful career at the phone company and as an independent consultant… always supported by computers.

"I achieved an Information Systems Management degree which was driven by my belief in the importance of education and my connection with computers. I now find myself retired and still nurturing the dream of making a difference. I was introduced to REACH Shirati when they became supporters of a successful effort to send medical supplies to Shirati’s regional hospital. I visited the school being built by REACH in the nearby village of Nyamagongo and was hooked.

"So I requested permission to establish a computer lab/class for the children there. With the help of many wonderful people, my dream is almost achieved. Installation of two Rachel servers, to provide ”Internet in a Box”, will complete the first phase of this work. This will happen in the first half of 2016."

"With the help of many wonderful people, my dream is almost achieved."