• REACH Shirati

Prisca's testing day

July 2012, Nyamagongo, Tanzania

Prisca lives with her young family in the village of Nyamagongo. She had been sick for a while in the summer of 2012, so she decided to get tested for HIV by medical staff from the Shirati Hospital at Tina's Pre and Primary School. On the very day Prisca found out she is HIV positive, she started her Antiretroviral therapy at the Hospital with the encouragement of the Women's Health Education Program, and she has been healthy ever since!

Prisca also completed her HIV education classes and joined the HIV support group, "Positive Living." Her husband is HIV negative and she has learned a lot from the support group about how to keep her family HIV negative. "if it wasn’t for the HIV testing day, I might be dead now" she says. Her favorite aspect of being a "Positive living' Support Group member is learning from and sharing with the other participants.

Prisca and the other young people in the group have become community advocates. They encourage their friends and family to get tested and educate them on HIV transmission and healthy living.

Prisca doesn't feels isolated or stigmatized by the disease, instead she has found a new way of looking at the future and living positively.