'If you educate a boy, he will take care of his family, if you educate a girl, she will take care of her village.' 
African Proverb

Scholarship Project

 Once we started enrolling students in school in 2006, we knew there were financial and cultural challenges many families faced in enrolling and keeping their children in school. Often large families only have enough money to send one or two children to school, typically their older sons. Daughters are often kept at home to help with household chores and to care for younger children. Health problems such as malaria, malnutrition, and water borne diseases can also keep students home for weeks.
We set out to remove some of these hurdles. Through the efforts of our inspired volunteers, who returned from Shirati and mobilized friends and family, our Scholarship Project was created in 2008.
With a Global Fund for Women grant in 2012, we expanded the number of scholarships for girls to 30 students. We asked our teachers to identify candidates for the scholarship from among the poorest girls, who had good attendance, worked hard and who, without financial help would be unable to attend school.
Your donation of only $200 a year, provides a scholarship covering one student's tuition, uniforms, shoes, supplies, and even health care at the Shirati Hospital for the entire year.
We believe this is a very worthwhile investment in the future!