'Where there are experts there will be no lack of learners'  Swahili Proverb

School Solar Panel Project

The sun shines much of the year in Nyamagongo and solar panels are the perfect way to take advantage of all that sunshine. So, we were delighted to partner with Bruce Gardiner, the founder of Solar Roots, an NGO in Berkeley, that provides renewable energy for community development. 
Our school is not electrified due to high cost, therefore we have not been able to hold evening classes or use our school buildings after dark for any community gatherings.
In summer of 2013, our volunteers, along with local residents and craftsmen, were trained and supervised by Bruce to install a photovoltaic system at our school. Two large solar panels were assembled and installed on the roof and connected to the storage batteries, under the curious gaze of many children who came to watch all the activity.  
Fluorescent lights were installed in the classrooms, and electric outlets were put in for charging cell phones, operating tools and even computers! 
In 2015, two more solar panels were installed, while we launched our Computer Learning Project. The additional panels meet the demand for charging the new laptops and server. Access to electricity at our school is a significant milestone for us and it has opened the door for many of our projects, such as evening adult vocational classes.