'Slowly, slowly, porridge goes into the gourd'  
Kuria, Tanzanian Proverb'

Community Women's Group

Like other rural areas in Tanzania, economic opportunity is scarce here; many families survive by subsistence farming but are at the mercy of drought, famine and rising materials costs.  
As is customary, the Nyamagongo women had long been taking care of the local orphaned children and they needed help raising money to feed and care for them. Soon after they formed in 2003, the Women's Group came up with some income-generating ideas
Funded with a grant from the Global Fund for Women, they purchased sewing machines and taught each other how to sew dresses and shirts to sell at the Monday Market.
The Bread Oven Project, completed in 2009, enabled the Women's group to earn money and also to offer bread to local elders and orphans.
In summer of 2011, the Woman's Group asked for our help in expanding their community garden to supplement food and income for their families. We purchased gardening kits from the World Vegetable Center's regional source in Arusha. Volunteers also funded and helped plant avocado, mango, orange and fig trees. The trees are irrigated by water tank run-off and dishwater from cooking porridge and bread baking activities.
These are a few examples of our small projects that offer economic opportunity to the community.