'To be without a friend is to be poor indeed' 
Tanzanian proverb
We at REACH Shirati, just can not succeed alone!
We depend entirely on donors, grants and volunteers. What we have accomplished to date is a testament to the generosity of so many individuals and organizations.
We would like to express our gratitude to all who make our work possible.
Contact us if your organization shares our passion for creating opportunities through education and development, and let's explore how we can work together. We always welcome more partners and friends!
Volunteers' Institutions & Universities
Barnard College
Berkeley City College
Berkeley High School
Boston University
Brown University
California Polytechnic State University
College Park High School 
Collorado College
Contra Costa College High School
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Children’s Hospital Oakland
Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
Illinois Institute of Technology
Kansas State University
Kit Kit School
Maastricht university
Macalester College
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School - Richmond
Middle College High School
Piscataway High School, NJ
Pitzer College
Prospect Sierra School
Smith College
Sullivan Middle School - Fairfield
Touro University
Tulane University
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine - Millers Hospital
UC San Diego
UC Santa Cruz
University High School, SF
University of Brazil
University of Colorado
University of Mississippi
Washington University in St. Louis
Wesleyan University
Yale University