We built it and they came
Most government elementary schools in rural Tanzania teach in Swahili with minimal instruction in English.  However, the entrance exam for secondary school requires significant knowledge of English, leaving many rural children locked out of a secondary education. Because we believe that education is at the heart of opportunity, in 2006, we started building Tina's Pre and Primary School in the impoverished village of Nyamagongo, with a focus on providing a bilingual, Swahili and English, curriculum.  Local residents were delighted.
Today over 600 students are enrolled. We charge a modest tuition to meet our monthly operational expenses. All of our staff - teachers, administrators, security, cooking and maintenance - receive a fair wage. However, many families are unable to afford even our small tuition. So we have created a Scholarship Project to provide our most needy students free tuition and health care at nearby Shirati Hospital. Your donation of $200 will keep a student in school for the entire year. Inspired?  Donate now
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